Design Patterns. Abstract Factory Pattern

The idea after the Abstract Factory pattern is the notion about our program (or the client of a class we are providing) working with several products (as those in a factory) which have some given characteristics (for example we have bottled products and products in a tetrabrik). Our program is going to use those products performing a couple of actions over them (like putting the bottles in one truck and the tetra briks in another one) without caring about who is actually providing him with the products.

Memory use in Delphi

Getting the real memory use of a process is something far for simple, in the first place because there are no specific functions which retrieve the exact quantity of memory used up by the process, and secondly because it’s difficult to count up which memory belongs to the process and which one doesn’t (for example, a dll is a dynamically loaded library which load only once in memory so that the memory consumed by the dll may or may not be inside what we consider the memory workspace of the process).

Reference counting

Introduction. What is reference couting? Reference counting is a technique that is used when you need to maintain several references to a same place, or more concretely to the same object without having to have several copies of this object in memory. The derived problem of making reference to an object from several places appears…